At Universal Garage Door Repair we have performed quality services using premium products in Anaheim, CA and surrounding areas since 2008.

Our services include:

Residential Garage Doors

At Universal Garage Door Repair we understand that garage doors have changed and evolved over the years. Whether you need a brand new garage door or your old one is in need of some major repairs, there is a good chance you may be in the market for a replacement. A garage door can affect the curb appeal of your property as well as the safety and security of your home and most importantly the safety of your family.

In the current market, garage doors come in a large variety of different styles with custom fittings to satisfy even the most particular of home owners. At Universal Garage Door Repair we have access through our manufacturers to hundreds of designs and styles. An old garage door in disrepair can add years to the overall age of your home. A new garage door can make your home look younger and add a fresh updated modern look to the overall appearance of your home.

Many homeowners are unaware that insulated garage doors are even available. Insulated garage doors are typically made with two single sheets of metal with thick foam or insulation sandwiched between the two layers for draft protection increasing your homes protection from the outside elements.

Our garage door services include: residential garage door repair, garage door installation or installation of garage door openers.

Commercial Garage Doors

A commercial garage door is designed to protect your property and investments. At Universal Garage Door Repair our technicians are proficient at installing and repairing different overhead doors with your business specifications in mind. Our technicians understand that each business is different and each overhead installation also has different requirements. At Universal Garage Door Repair we train and continually educate our technicians to ensure they have the skills to handle and address all aspects of the installation process.

In addition to your choice of commercial door, our technicians are available to guide you and offer advice on garage door openers, trolley operators, jackshaft operators, and hoist operators. Each product has specific characteristics to ensure your business will run efficiently even in the most difficult loading and unloading circumstances such as inclement weather.

At Universal Garage Door Repair we understand that all commercial doors must be in compliance with OSHA along with any local codes and ordinances and we take great pride in staying up to date with current changes in rules and regulations. We work with experts in the commercial door manufacturing industry to offer a wide variety of doors made from many different materials. Most of these materials have specific safety features such as aluminum, insulated section, un-insulated section and coiling steel doors. Our technicians can provide product information on each type of door to help you select the best door to suit your needs. Each and every commercial door installation is installed to the specifications of your building requirements.

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